Gangster Mayhem

Kill all the gangsters and save your soldiers from the clutches of the gangsters

Ninja Mafia Siege

Ninja back surrounded by a group of Mafia, this time they came up with a more co

Ninja Mafia War

The ninja town become unsafe again because of a mafia organization!

Ninja Mafia Siege

Help Ninja from Mafia siege by using various weapons and high-level skills. Show

Humaliens VS Battl

Battle Gear troops were attacked by the Humaliens troops. Now they are revenge a

Battle Gear Vs Myt

This time you play as Myth Wars, after Humaliens attacks, this time Myth Wars tu

Battle Gear 5

In Battle Gear 5, you will fight against the mini soldier of Humaliens Battle, M

Box Test

Test your keyboard skills, avoiding and collecting skills, this is the Box Test.

Heroes Battle 5

Thousands of mini warriors are fight for glory! Who's the winner?

Age of Defense Min

The mini soldiers are ready to the action!

Strategy Defense 1

In Defense Strategy 10, you will fight in a fantasy forest full of giant trees,

Fruit Defense Expr

Express version of Fruit Defense! Defend your village from the pest invasions in

Hunter Hood

You are a hunter who has a deadly arrow, point the arrow in the right direction,

Clash Of The Race

Four races, Ghosts, Cyborgs, Aliens and Humans were here for the dignity and sta

Battle Gear Vs Hum

Domination between two game finally started, who is better between Battle Gear o

Battle Gear 4

In Battle Gear 4, you will fight against the joint forces of Humaliens Battle, M

Fruit Defense

Defend your village from the pest invasions in 100 days, use more than 50 items,

Heroes Battle 4

This time the Heroes Battle troops will be assisted by the cruel giant!

Mario vs Monsters

Mario Bros are in trouble, monsters are trying to steal their eggs. Help mario b

Killing Substance

Play as killing substance and kill everybody!

Mini Army

Mini Army is ready for war! Battle through 32 units, unlock 32 unique skills, us

Castle Hero 3

Defend your castle from 5 bosses and use over 50 weapons!

Humaliens Vs Giant

The battle between two game finally started, who is better between Giant Tower D

Massive War 4

In the year 2082 humans have colonized Mars and Pluto. Earth is no longer a pros

Humaliens Battle 5

In Humaliens Battle 5 you will fight against the joint forces of Battle Gear and

Age of Defense 7

Age of Defense 7 is an awesome defense game, defend your base by using more than

Dutamasa Battle 3

Warriors won't die if defeated in training!

Battle Gear Vs Gia

This time Battle Gear forces with fight against the giant armies, they are relen

Battle Gear 3

In Battle Gear 3, you will fight against the joint forces of Humaliens Battle, M

Tower Battle 2

Tower Battle is back! Protect skyscraper tower from hundreds of enemy waves!

Battle Gear Vs Age

After the attacks of Humaliens Battle and Myth Wars were over, this time Age of

Dark War Tactic

Mystery and full of fantasy. A game that tells a story of David Strong Heart and

Strategy Defense 9

Strategy Defense 9 is the strategy game with all new exciting maps and twisted t

Strategy Defense T

It's Tactics Role Playing Game, there were two kingdoms, Doven and Dogfire!

Infinite TD 2

This is the classic Tower Defense Game, the gameplay is so simple, but hard to m

Battle Gear Vs Myt

After Humaliens attacks, this time Myth Wars turn, the battle between two game f

Curse Village 3

The stick zombies have arrived and you're put behind the barricades the fight of

Heroestick 2

Heroestick is back with more massive and powerfull army, once again lead human,

Humaliens Vs Battl

Battle Gear troops takes a revenge and strike Humaliens back! Prepare your alien

Imperium War

Play massive Imperium battle in this tactical war game!

Age of Defense 6

Defend your base with 30 new weapons from the soldiers of Humaliens, Myth Wars,

Foreign Creature D

Spot the difference in Foreign Creature scenes, a fun and challenging difference

Battle Gear Vs Hum

The battle between two game finally started, who is better between Battle Gear o

Strategy Defense 8

Strategy Defense is back with all new map and new graphic! Defend the city from

Age of Spell

Defend your castle with magic of spells, use the various of defender armies!

Castle Hero 2

Defend your castle from 4 bosses and use 8 spells!

Chain Number

Chain Reaction in Number, can you get the higher scores?

Giant Tower Defens

Protect your castle from the invasion of the giants, build various towers on lan

Age of Stick

Protect your castle from the the ruthless stick! They are relentless and very da

Ball Madness

Hit the red balls and create chain reactions, try to clicking as little as possi


New Game by Belugerin! An epic stick war game. Lead human, witch and the giant t

Chain Soldier

Chain Soldier is an addictive chain reaction game, turn green soldiers into mass

New Age of Defense

Defend your castle from attack of both sides, use 37 weapons, spells, effects, a

Strategy War

Strategy War is a massive war games. Build strong defense in this addictive stra

Myth Wars 3

Myth Wars 3 is a strategy online games, choose your race and war in the enemy te

Massive War 3

Massive War 3 is a huge strategy war, build a powerful army to battle for planet

The Dark Age 3

The Dark Age 3 is a sequel of strategy war games, train warriors, lead your troo

Dutamasa Battle 2

Build a strong party of warriors and defeat all the opponent and final boss in t

Humaliens Battle 4

Humaliens Battle 4 is a combination of Imperium and Humaliens game: recruit, mov

Age of Defense 5

Age of Defense 5 allows you to build an army, conquer the world, control the def

Age of Giant

Protect your castle from the the ruthless giants! They are relentless and very d

Strategy Defense 7

Strategy Defense is back with the new upgrade and element system! Defend the cit

Christmas Up

Christmas is coming, time for Santa to collect gifts to be delivered, help Santa

Giant Tower Defens

Get ready for giantastic battles! Protect your castle in this side-view tower de

Curse Village Surv

The zombies have returned and once again you're survive and fight off the undead

Killing Substance

Happy Halloween! Play as killing substance and kill everybody. Warning! Extreme

Killing Substance:

Warning! Extreme Violence! Movie trailer of Belugerin upcoming game, a point and

Heroes Battle 3

The most epic battle in Heroes Battle, thousands of warriors are fight for world

Heroes Battle 3 Ha

Hacked version of Heroes Battle 3, unlimited Upgrade Points! Select 4 heroes and

Anti Domination

In this real time strategy game with map editor, your main task is to make no on

Anti Domination Ha

Hacked version of Anti Domination, play with unlimited Power and Upgrade Points!

Giant TD Teaser

Teaser of Belugerin Studios upcoming game, Giant Tower Defense! Featuring lots o

Heroes Battle 2

Thousands of warriors once again battle for glory: Myth Wars, Battle Gear, Humal

Battle Gear 1.5

Take charge of massive military operations and enter enemy's territory from the

Twin Towers

Twin Towers is tower defense strategy game, protect two skyscraper towers from h

Massive Battle

Massive army is ready to the battle, Blue, Green and Red Team, who's the winner?

Massive Battle Hac

Massive Battle Hacked, play cheat version with unlimited upgrade points!

Heroes Battle

Thousands of warriors are fight for glory: Myth Wars, Battle Gear, Humaliens and

A Snail Story

Help Snalee the Snail to get to the top of the roof, find tons of items to play

Myth Wars 2

Choose your race between Human Race or Dark Race and enter enemy territory by ai

A Snail Story Walk

This is A Snail Story Walkthrough, hints and tips on how to finish A Snail Story

Heroes Battle Demo

Heroes Battle Demo, this is a demo purpose only, unavailable to play until the f

Tower Battle

Tower Battle is a brand new tower defense strategy game, protect skyscraper towe

Mount Eruption 2

Rescue Bobs family in 100 times by reaching all minimum safety distances for ea

Humaliens Battle 3

Enter enemy territory by air, sea and land, select more than one type of units a

Humaliens Battle 3

Hacked version of Humaliens Battle 3, what's hack? all units unlocked, infinite

The Dark Age 2

The darkness is back! Train over 24 warriors, use 8 lethal magic, lead your troo

The Dark Age 2 Hac

Hacked version of The Dark Age 2, All characters and magic unlocked, Lead your t

Infinite Tower Def

Survive as long as possible in this endless tower defense waves! Buy infinite up

Imperium I.V

Manage your citizens, order your soldiers, build a strong prosperous empire and

Imperium I.V Hacke

Hacked version of Imperium I.V, huge initial resources: golds, foods, irons, woo

Age of Defense 4

Age of Defense 4 is a mix between defense and strategy warfare game, unleash uni

Age of Defense 4 H

Hacked version for Age of Defense 4, infinite upgrade point, chara point, unlimi

Battle Gear Missil

Libya is under attack! Send out the best missiles on the Libya territory and win

Battle Gear All De

Defense version of Battle Gear game! Play the campaigns to defend your position

The Crusher

Destroy everything on the road: human, cars, traffic lights, parachutes, superma

Wheel War

Wheel War is combination of luck game and strategy war game, turn your wheel and

Age of Defense 3:

Unsatisfied with the existing levels in the Age of Defense 3? Now create your ow

Foreign Creature P

Puzzle compilation of Foreign Creature 1 and Foreign Creature 2, with different

Age of Defense 3

Battle through 32 units, unlock 32 unique skills, use tree-based upgrade system

Massive War 2

Train soldiers and build military units and structures to overpower your opponen

FC Puzzle Walkthro

Official Walkthrough of Foreign Creature Puzzle!

Humaliens Battle 2

Choose your side, aliens or humans, take charge of military operations and conqu

Happy New Year 201

A simple game for a new year, breed balloons as many as you can and Happy New Ye

Age of Defense 3:

[UPDATE] Age of Defense 3 preview, see the battle system of the game, 6 out of 8

Foreign Creature S

New story of Foreign Creature, play role of a blood-thirsty alien, find out 10 s

Foreign Creature S

Official walkthrough of Foreign Creature Scene!

Strategy Defense 3

Defend the city from the enemy's onslaught, 45 soldiers, 15 towers, 5 new maps,

Battle Gear 2.5

Battle Gear is back, now with real military power, once again conquer and domina

FC Scene: Teaser

Teaser of our next game, 'Foreign Creature Scene', play role of a blood-thirsty

Anti Drugs Games

Little Kids game, play 5 mini games of Anti Drugs Games, say no to drugs!

Glow Shooter TD

Tower defense game, place tower anywhere on the stage and blast out thousands of

Strategy Defense 6

Place mines and protect your castle from incoming enemies. The 6th Strategy Defe

Cube and Ball

Play point and click, match-3, shooter, action, platform, strategy, race and oth

Balloon Town

Welcome to Balloon Town, a place where you manage population of balloons, make t

Touching Song

Touch the stars as much as possible, change its color, use 8 different powers-up

Age of Kingdom

Building management strategy game. Build over 42 buildings, battle across 6 ages

Balloon Town: Trai

Trailer of our next game, Balloon Town. What if balloons have lives of theire ow

Age of Kingdom: Tr

Trailer of our upcoming game, Age of Kingdom!

Castle Hero

Castle Hero is a sequel of Age of Defense, defend your castle from 4 new bosses

Aquarium Dress Up

Girls game dress up, select your aquarium, beautify, play and show it to your fr

Age of Defense

Action defense game, play 40 levels in 8 ages, battle against 32 characters, use

Smiley Up

Use blocks, trampolines, parachutes, bombs, laser guns and rockets to avoid love

Age of Defense Tea

Teaser of our upcoming game, 40 levels, 32 characters, 23 weapons, 35 achievemen

Addicting Game

Addicting Game! Play through 40 new unique levels, avoid addicting red blocks an

Boring Game

Test your avoid skill, collect coins and avoid red blocks.

Myth Wars

Dark Age Vs. Medieval Age, choose your side and enter enemy territory by air, se

Myth Wars Walkthro

Official Myth Wars walkthrough, see hints, tips and strategy to win the game.


Explode the zombie's head according to the right sequence, zombies have been wai

Humaliens Battle

Humans Vs. Aliens, choose your side and enter enemy territory by air, sea and la


Point and click horror game, your car broke down at an abandoned hospital, its u

Crazy Craft

Harness the physics of engineering to conquer course after treacherous course!

The Harry Stick Jo

An animated stick adventure, place objects and see how they affect the environme

Massive War

Wage a huge war on a distant planet, build a powerful army to battle for the Blu

Robot Defender

Defend your robot from the bugs attacks!

Curse Village 2

The zombies have returned and once again you're put behind the barricades the fi

Civet's Odyssey

One day a gust of wind suddenly grabs and blows away the belongings of your two

Jumping Little Nin

A little ninja who try to master his jumping skill

Foreign Creature 2

Play the role of a blood-thirsty alien sent to planet Earth to grow strong.

Zombie Terminator

A dangerous experiment is run to create a super soldier

Cyborg Land Boss

A horizontal shooter game, control CyGuana an Iguana Cyborg with a car to defeat

Dutamasa Battle

Command your party of wariors and defeat all evil!

Secret of The Life

The story begin when incidentally a medicine to cure cancer was found.

Secret of The Life

So an expedition called The Life Flower is launched to find the flower.

Imperium II

A massive resource management style game.Manage your citizens & order your soldi

The Last Village

Indian Apache tribe who are defending their last village from the invasion

Warrior's Tribute

Player will play as Eras Kustier, an ordinary elf from Alvenia in order to defea

Battle Gear 2

Battle for World Domination!

Mount Eruption

Save Bob's family by ejecting them to the safer ground using the ejector device.

Target Words

Help Mike to find 3 potions by flying his ballon goes around the world from the

Curse Village

An action defense game where you fight against waves of the undead.

Glow Shooter

Lift off into orbit with your space-fighter and save our planet.

Foreign Creature

This blood-thirsty alien moves through the unseen world, leaving only a trace of

Battle Gear

Take charge of military operations and enter enemy's territory from the air, sea


Build a strong prosperous empire and invade hostile territory.

The Dark Age

Lead your troops onwards towards the enemy castle.

Robot War Strategy

Lead your robots to victory in the battle field.

Dark War Strategy

The story of David Strong Heart and friends to search the Fifth Element.

Dark War Strategy

Mystery and full of fantasy. A game that tells a story about the wrath of hell d

Strategy Defense 5

Unleash massive armies against your opponent.

Short Path Puzzle

find the shortest step between you and your target and complete all of 300 puzzl

Strategy Defense 4

Defend your cities from enemy attacks and strike back in full force.

Strategy Defense 3

Defending the city from the enemy's onslaught!

Strategy Defense 2

Defending the city from the enemy's onslaught.

Strategy Defense 1

Heroic RPG and strategic warfare.

Cube Tema 2

The second part of the logic puzzle game Cube Tema.

Cube Tema

Clear the field by removing two touching like colored blocks.

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