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Turbo Kids Review

By sontoloyowebsite: www.belugerinstudios.com
Apr 23, 2012 • 8 Likes • 6338 ViewsPlatform: flash

Game Story:

Turbo Kids is a latest game from the developer of Ninja Run, Eugene Yailenko, just like Ninja Run, this game is also a platform running game with some additional actions such as shooting, speed up, shield, and the other, but this game is not to look for the farthest distance, but reaching the finish line first by competing with your opponent, just like many racing games.

At the beginning of this race you really are in the back, but luckily you provided a Freeze Gun to shoot the opponent in front of you, so I think it's fair enough.

In the race you can pick some power-ups in the game, including the Freeze Gun, Speed Boost, Mega Jump, Rocket Exchange, Shield, and the Roots Trap, each power-ups have several advantages that useful to speed up you or slow down your opponents, the most basic power-ups is Freeze Gun where you can shoot your opponent and make the opponent freeze, Boost Speed and Mega Jump can make you move and jump faster, but it is quite interesting is the Exchange Rocket to swap your position with your opponent's position is in front. The most helpful feature in this game is a double jump, without it, this game can make you stress, because with this feature allows you to escape from the abyss. There is also a mini map at the top, this is the indicator of racers positions in the race.

There are two modes in this game, the Championship and the Big Marathon. In the Championship you can play with upgrades and achievements, there are 10 levels in this mode, which if you win 5 levels, you can unlock Big Marathon mode. If you are not satisfied with the Championship, you can play Big Marathon where in this mode you will be race against 50 other contestants, which in this race is absolutely no time limit and seamless track, which makes the race ends is if you are at the forefront, and you can submit your time for compare with other players from around the world.


This game offers something of interest, the pixel art are pretty fresh, and some voice act that spurs you to continue play. Unlike the other racing games, there are quite a lot of power-ups in this game, which makes the game still interesting to play, all power-ups in this game is quite useful, among the most useful is the Speed Boost which if we get 2-3 pieces of this power-ups in a row, then we will be able to easily pass through all opponents. Amazingly, the opponent has the same advantage to us, they can do the same thing with us, the way we slow down, speed up and double jump exactly with what we do.


But there are some weaknesses in this game, including AI opponents are sometimes less consistent, at some level, they look smart enough to make few mistakes, but at some other level they seem to make often mistakes, such as if I was in front, is almost impossible for them to follow me if I never mistakes, because they did not do a good action. So you could say this game is purely of your expertise in do jump and take the appropriate power-ups.

I was thinking that with 1 million dollar prize, I can buy something special or compete on other competitions, but even it does not exist, it can still be a consideration for the new features at the sequel if it will be created.


Turbo Kids is a pretty fun, challenging, and has considerable replay value in the Big Marathon mode, the kids character are fresh, the voice act is good and the music match the game as well, this game is also exciting to be played by all kind of age, although it is not a flawless game, it still worth to play. In the end if you want to competing for a unique championship racing, then do not forget this game.

PLAY GAME: www.belugerinstudios.com

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