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Nano Kingdoms Review

By sontoloyowebsite:
Apr 26, 2012 • 30 Likes • 8355 ViewsPlatform: flash

Game Story:

Are you bored with the mediocre resource management game? then do not say it before you play Kingdoms Nano, this is the latest strategy games from flash and mobile tablet game developer, Trutruka.

Just as in other resource management games, this game also depends on the resources you have, such as food, wood and iron, these resources can be used to construct several buildings such as the Farm, Foundry, Barrack, Archery, and other supporting buildings, where the building can be used to build the strength of your kingdom, there was only resource that increases when you build the right building, like if you build a farm, then your food will increase, the increase in resource is running with realtime while you are still in the battle arena, because the buildings blend with the arena battle, additional resources will also added if you managed to kill the opponent's units.

This game also adopted a few battles with RPG elements. There are several Villagers who become soldiers, There are different types of soldiers such as the sword, archer, crossbow, horses and other weapons like balista. Troops commanded by a hero who possessed two special spells, every hero has a special spell of each which could serve to summon special forces, or to enhance the ability of our troops plus weaken opposing force, special spells are owned by us or the opponent, so we must be wary of special attacks from the opponent. There are 8 levels in this game, with each level there are 8 unique heroes, every one of us won that level, we could use a hero that our opponents had, even with our limited forces each level, so we can not use the unit without limits in this game, despite that we still can improve the limit of our troops by upgrading our castle.

There are two options of strategy in this game, the attack and defense, where when you are ordered to attack, then all the troops will come up against opponents castle, and if you are instructed to defense, the troops will withdraw and defend your castle. This game is pretty simple mission, just like many other war strategy games, destroy the opponent's castle and protect yours. You was also supported by a tower defense.


The strength of this game is in the combination of several elements that are already attractive: resource management, strategy war, RPG plus a large selection of special spells makes this game quite interesting, which also adds to the appeal of this game is cute and funny art, also some funny characters that come out after you win the game.

All the buildings and troops can be upgraded to make the game still interesting to play in a long time. This game also offers a choice of strategy is quite a lot, like when you have decided to focus on making the most sophisticated unit or try to gradually force the weakest of the first? Make you more focused on resources buildings or troop oriented buildings? Your time is not enough because the opponent will attack with better troops, so that's where the selection strategy in this game, the proper selection of Hero was also influential to the game.

Music and sound in this game was blend with the game, although it does not include the category of music that is really epic. Just to share, one special spell that became my favorite is Zombieland, in which these moves can create additional troops from behind the graves, which makes the total of my unit was 3/20 to 33/20 or exceeds the maximum limit :D


Some of the AI is not quite right there, like there is an opponent with special spell that can increase the palace live, but unfortunately it is less useful because opponents castle lives are still full. Besides the idea of making a headstone if there are dead soldiers is pretty unique, but unfortunately it iss making a unit to be covered and not clearly visible, making it very difficult to see an interesting battle because I do not know where I am and where army opponent troops, too large live bar also affect this, unfortunately there is no option to hide this bar.

At first I thought there would be a trading system that allows me to distribute the available resources so as to keep balance, because on some level that I have sometimes crippled resources, such as too much wood and iron, but very little food or too little food and wood, but too a lot of iron, which makes the end I could not make a lot of troops and upgrade the building quickly, this can make this game a less balance.

Nano Kingdoms is a strategy game that is very exciting to play in a long time, with enough troops, upgrades, and unique special spells, making this game remains challenging to play, the choice of strategy is also pretty much makes the player can perform a variety of option to try to win the game. In the end Nano Kingdoms is a game that should not be missed for fans of strategy games. This game is also available on Android Market and Apple Store with a few new features and modes.


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