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TNT Zombies Review

By sontoloyowebsite: www.belugerinstudios.com
May 09, 2012 • 52 Likes • 15215 ViewsPlatform: flash

Game Story:

Zombie is usually grim-faced creature, full of red colored blood and flat-faced, but here they seem to laugh and is quite unique and fun to be destroyed in a physics puzzle game "TNT Zombies" by Neiro Games. The story of this game is quite simple, we are construction workers who come into a town, then saw the city destroyed by a zombie, then our task is to destroy the zombies, with TNTs.

Basically this game genre is not new, has a lot of games with the same building destruction genre, which we possessed explosives to demolish the building for the sole purpose of destroying or killing the enemy, but this is a pretty unique and interesting because the theme of Zombie.

We have to put some TNT, but not at all where can we put down, only the blue block only, limiting the space for us at the same time allows us to solve the puzzles easily in each level. TNT will explode in every order, TNT that we put first will explode first, followed by others.

In the course of the next level there is Double Dynamite can be used to throw over the zombies more than single TNT, to support the destruction, there are toxic materials and spikes that if the zombie touch zombie then will be destroyed, except that there is such a yellow fan will make a zombie follow the wind direction, there is a toxic car, the propeller that can turn zombies, nails or even hooks, and many more unique features on each level, like a zombie who drowned in the water.

By the time I entered level 16, there is a blue hairy balls as the game Chuzzle, I thought it was not a dangerous thing, or could even hinder me in destroying zombies, but it turns out my zombie was destroyed by it, was something quite unique, even at level 17 they can jump on the water, and at level 18 they look like a bunch of dangerous toxins.


Physics engine in this game looks pretty much perfect, plus the zombie ragdoll makes this game look realistic, with head, body, hands and feet that can be broken apart. Zombie character that looks cute and does not bleed red makes this game match played by a wider age.

Levels in this game is very unique, no level is almost the same, all made unique and different objects of interest, so that players can feel the different experience from the beginning to the end of the game.


There are several levels that require timing or placement of TNT to be very fit, so sometimes it becomes quite difficult to win, but instead at some level there was very limited placement making it look easy and not many combinations that can be done laying, such as the level 19.

While it only with two types of explosives, making this game is too easy to guess how to solve, this game was exciting to see the zombies were destroyed by a variety of ways, but for fans of puzzle games, it might be a little disappointed to see them destroyed so easily. If the game added another 1-2 types of explosives, it may be more interesting.


In the end, though not particularly challenging, TNT Zombies still a interesting puzzle descructions game, with many unique levels, as well as a variety of ways that we can see to kill the zombies, making feasible to play game and entertain you. For fans of zombie games can be played to dispel the boredom, do not forget this game as well if you are a fan and ragdoll physic game because this game will fulfill your expectations.

PLAY GAME: www.belugerinstudios.com

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